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Route 398 to Chancellor’s

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Route Details:

Single fares are only available for purchase from the bus driver.
Stop NameDeparture TimeSpringSingle FareSingle Saver Card Fare
Borehamwood, Tesco (Stop B)07:15£205.00£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, opp Elstree Studios07:15£205.00£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood adj Civic Offices07:15£205.00£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, nr Studio Way07:16£205.00£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, opp Warwick Road07:17£205.00£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, Rowley Lane (S-bound)07:18£205.00£4.40£2.20
South Mimms, Motorway Service Station (N-bound)07:27£205.00£4.40£2.20
South Mimms, nr Greyhound Lane07:28£205.00£4.40£2.20
South Mimms, nr Clare Hall07:31£205.00£4.40£2.20
South Mimms, Blanche Lane (N-bound)07:32£205.00£4.40£2.20
South Mimms, opp The White Hart07:35£205.00£4.40£2.20
South Mimms, Cecil Road (NE-bound)07:36£205.00£4.40£2.20
Potters Bar, opp Wroxham Gardens07:37£205.00£4.40£2.20
Potters Bar, nr Furzefield Centre07:40£205.00£4.40£2.20
Potters Bar, adj Cranborne Road07:41£205.00£4.40£2.20
Potters Bar, nr Laurel Avenue07:43£205.00£4.40£2.20
Potters Bar, nr Darkes Lane07:46£205.00£4.40£2.20
Potters Bar, Potters Bar Railway Station (Stop B)07:49£205.00£4.40£2.20
Potters Bar, o/s Tesco07:48£205.00£4.40£2.20
Potters Bar, opp Cask & Stillage07:50£205.00£4.40£2.20
Potters Bar, o/s Bus Garage07:54£205.00£4.40£2.20
Little Heath, nr Quakers Lane07:57£205.00£4.40£2.20
Potters Bar, opp Byng Drive07:53£205.00£4.40£2.20
Potters Bar, nr The Avenue07:55£205.00£4.40£2.20
Little Heath, opp Mount Grace School07:56£205.00£4.40£2.20
Little Heath, nr Church Road07:57£205.00£4.40£2.20
Swanley Bar, nr Swanley Bar Lane07:58£205.00£4.40£2.20
Brookmans Park, nr Mymms Drive08:01£205.00£4.40£2.20
Brookmans Park, opp Kentish Lane08:05£205.00£4.40£2.20
Chancellors School08:10£205.00£4.40£2.20

For more information on Saver Cards, please click here

Common abbreviations in stop names:
O/S = Outside, Opp (or Op) = Opposite, Nr = Near.