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Route 306 to Bushey Meads

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Route Details:

Single fares are only available for purchase from the bus driver.
Please note that passes valid from The Avenue to Borehamwood are also valid on the 306A services subject to capacity.
Stop NameDeparture TimeSingle FareSingle Saver Card Fare
Watford, High Street (Stop F)07:40£2.00£1.00
Watford, Beechen Grove (Stop N)07:43£2.00£1.00
Watford, Water Lane (Stop R)07:43£2.00£1.00
Watford, Watford High Street Railway Station (Stop B)07:45£2.00£1.00
Watford, nr Tesco07:46£2.00£1.00
Watford, nr Waterfields Way07:47£2.00£1.00
Watford, Bushey Arches (Stop G)07:49£2.00£1.00
Bushey, opp Hillside Road07:50£2.00£1.00
Bushey, opp James Close07:51£2.00£1.00
Bushey, Aldenham Road (SE-bound)07:52£1.60£0.80
Bushey, o/s Royal Connaught Park07:53£1.60£0.80
Bushey, Finch Lane (SE-bound)07:54£1.60£0.80
Bushey, Herkomer Road (N-bound)07:55£1.60£0.80
Bushey, nr Homefield Road07:56£1.60£0.80
Bushey, opp Moatfield Road07:57£1.60£0.80
Bushey, opp Harvest Road07:57£1.60£0.80
Bushey, opp Middle Furlong07:58£1.60£0.80
Bushey, nr Mostyn Road07:58£1.60£0.80
Crown Road07:27£4.40£2.20
Digswell Close07:27£4.40£2.20
Reston Path07:28£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, adj Thirsk Road07:28£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, adj Thirsk Road footpath07:29£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, opp Redwood Rise07:29£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, adj Stanborough Avenue07:30£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, adj Ayot Path07:31£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, nr Stilton Path07:31£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, adj Greenside07:32£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, adj Torworth Road07:32£4.40£2.20
Berwick Road07:33£4.40£2.20
Buckton Road07:33£4.40£2.20
Belford Road07:34£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, opp Baldock Way07:35£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, Leeming Road (S-bound)07:36£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, nr Warenford Way07:36£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, nr Aberford Road07:37£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, nr St Teresa’s School07:38£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, nr Elstree Studios07:39£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, Tesco (Stop A)07:40£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, Furzehill Road (Stop F)07:44£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, Glenhaven Avenue (Stop E)07:45£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, Elstree & Borehamwood Railway Station (Stop B)07:47£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, nr Deacon’s Hill Road07:49£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, opp Barham Avenue07:51£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, adj Knowl Way07:53£4.40£2.20
Borehamwood, Elstree Hill North (W-bound)07:56£4.40£2.20
Elstree, opp Watling Court08:00£3.20£1.60
Elstree, opp Aldenham Road08:01£3.20£1.60
Elstree, nr The Fishery Inn08:02£3.20£1.60
Elstree, opp Aldenham Reservoir08:02£3.20£1.60
Caldecote Hill, nr Lismirrane Business Park08:03£2.60£1.30
Caldecote Hill, Motorway Bridge (W-bound)08:05£2.60£1.30
Bushey Heath, opp Rosary Priory08:06£2.00£1.00
Bushey Heath, opp Caldecote Gardens08:07£2.00£1.00
Bushey Heath, nr Titian Avenue08:08£2.00£1.00
Bushey Heath, opp Holly Grove08:08£2.00£1.00
Bushey Heath, adj Harriet Way08:09£2.00£1.00
Bushey, nr The Four Tubs08:09£2.00£1.00
Bushey, opp Oundle Avenue08:10£2.00£1.00
Bushey, opp Wendover Way08:11£2.00£1.00
Bushey, nr Chiltern Close08:11£2.00£1.00
Bushey, nr Little Reddings School08:12£2.00£1.00

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Common abbreviations in stop names:
O/S = Outside, Opp (or Op) = Opposite, Nr = Near.