Terms and Conditions

Sullivan Buses terms and conditions for school pupils’ season tickets

  1. Season tickets and passes are not transferable.
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  3. Parents should to allow 10 working days before the start of term or half term for the purchase of tickets through this site. Tickets will be posted unless parents are advised differently. Pupils not in receipt of tickets because parents have not allowed sufficient time for the purchase will be required to pay cash fares until they have their ticket. No refunds or discounts will be given for late purchases. Parents may also come to our offices at South Mimms to purchase tickets.
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  5. All passes and tickets must be shown to the driver on every journey and must be produced on demand to an authorised official of Sullivan Buses.  
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  7. All passes and tickets remain the property of Sullivan Buses. Parents are requested to destroy tickets upon expiry. Any pupil attempting to use an out of date pass will be required to pay the appropriate cash fare and the pass will be collected and retained by the driver or an official of Sullivan Buses.
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  9. Sullivan Buses reserves the right to retain or withdraw a pass or season ticket for the purpose of identification should a pupil be behaving badly or inappropriately, and should the need arise to refuse travel if the incident is deemed serious.
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  11. Sullivan Buses will inform the relevant School of any behavioural issues and will liaise and work with the School to encourage good behaviour on its buses.
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  13. The loss of a  season ticket must be reported immediately to Sullivan Buses (email Eusebio@sullivanbuses.com). Any pass that is damaged to the extent that any of the details are no longer legible must also be replaced. A charge of £10 is made for a replacement pass. Replacement passes are normally limited to one per year. Any further replacements are at the discretion of Sullivan Buses and may be refused.
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  15. A refund for any unused portions of a season ticket will only be made at the discretion of the company. The refund calculation will be based on the cost of shorter term tickets from the commencement date of the ticket up to the date the pass/ticket was returned.  A administration fee of £10 will be charged, and will only be waived in exceptional circumstances. Evidence may be requested.
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  17. Sullivan Buses does not accept liability for consequences arising from delays or failures to operate at the scheduled times or at all.
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  19. Where the number of passengers exceeds the capacity of the bus, Sullivan Buses will not be responsible for failure to carry all intending passengers. However, Sullivan Buses will have consideration for the safety of all pupils and will endeavour to provide an additional vehicle or alternative capacity wherever practicable.  The relevant School will be informed of any such issues and remedial action will be agreed should the situation be other than an isolated occurrence. One option likely to be considered would be to give priority to those with season tickets and, where applicable, return ticket holders. 
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  21. As the bus services on this website are scheduled public services there is no requirement for drivers to be DBS checked. However, Sullivan Buses will endeavour on regular school runs who have been DBS checked, but reserves the right to use non-DBS checked drivers in the event of non-availability of DBS checked drivers. However, Sullivan Buses policy is to arrange DBS checks for drivers who regularly drive buses primarily designed for school children.   
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  23. Sullivan Buses reserve the right to change the bus services included on this website and change the prices of tickets/passes at any time. In doing so we will use every endeavour to ensure parents are fully informed in advance of changes being implemented. This will be by a mix of on-board bus publicity. Sullivan Buses website and the provision of information to the appropriate school for onward transmission to parents and for inclusion on the school website.
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  25. We do not store credit card details nor do we share any customer details with any 3rd parties. The purpose of holding such information is to reduce the amount of data input the customer has to provide on subsequent purchases.  We may also use the data to enable us to provide information and updates for the bus services. We will delete all data held any purchaser/pupil on request but if the intention is to purchase tickets in the future the purchaser/pupil will need to enter their full details again.  
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  27. Sullivan Buses nor any third parties do not provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or suitability of the information found or offered on this website for any particular purpose. If any parent or pupil is in doubt about the information provided please check our website www.sullivanbuses.com or email (steve@sullivanbuses.com or eusebio@sullivanbuses.com).