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Queens' School 2017/18

Update September 2017

Our low bus fares are a great way of avoiding having to drive through the traffic jams near the School! Help avoid creating traffic gridlock and improve the air quality around the School by using our buses to and from School!

It is an exciting time for us as we launch two new bus services to the School to replace Mullanys’ QS1; QS2 and QS3. Our new 346 and 347 routes cover virtually every road served by Mullanys but do so in a way that the vast majority of journey times are around the same and at lower fares too.

We will also be starting a 306 bus from the school every afternoon. This will not only provide a return facirlity for those who travel on the 823 in the morning but will also provide extra capacity to Borehamwood as well as a daily service direct to Bushey Heath (Elstree Road) & Elstree Village all at exceptionally low fares.

The afternoon times of the 398 and 833 are being changed to reflect the new closing times and along with the 823 to provide some facilities for those taking after school activities.

The only fares being increased are 833 single and weekly tickets which have a nominal increase, although longer team season tickets on the route have not been increased. Fares on the 306, 398 and 823 are all unchanged.

From South Oxhey, Carpenders Park Station and Oxhey Hall

Single fares from the above are £1.75 to and from the School. Lower fares are available from stops in Eastbury Road (Deacons Hill; Bushey Arches) and Aldenham Road. Weekly tickets are available from the driver on Monday mornings and cost £15.50. Half term, full term and full school year tickets are available on this website and from our office and offer savings of up to £215!

Route 833 provides two buses each way to and from the School.

From Borehamwood

Route 306, 398 and 823 provide an excellent choice of journeys to the School from most parts of Borehamwood. The 398 timetable is designed to provide journeys timed to suit the School opening and closing times and has evening journeys suitable for after school activities. The 823 is ideally timed for morning arrivals and provides an additional journey back in the afternoon at approx 15.55. The afternoon return journey for the 823 is now provided by route 306 from the school grounds at 15.08. The main 306 route runs every 30 minutes stopping a few minutes walk away in The Avenue. All tickets from Borehamwood are fully interchangeable between the 306, 398 and 823 offering a great choice of journeys. Child single fares are £2.00, return fares are £3.00; weekly tickets £13, four weekly tickets £40. These tickets are available from the driver at any time. However, the best value is the whole school year ticket for only £350. This ticket is available on this website and from our office and like the weekly and four weekly tickets allows travel to Watford .

From Elstree, Bushey Heath(Elstree Road) and Little Bushey

Route 306 and 823 provide services from these areas to the School with the 306 running every 30 minutes to and from The Avenue, just a few minutes walk away. The 823 is ideally timed for morning arrivals at the School and provides an additional journey in the afternoon. An extra journey on route 306 now provides a return facility for the 823 306 and 823 tickets are fully interchangeable between common points. Child single and return fares are available from all points and offer a very cheap way of getting to School without having to drive through all the traffic. From Elstree prices start are around £2.00 per day. The best value is the whole school year ticket for £350. Lower single and return fares apply from Elstree Road; Little Bushey Lane and Chiltern Avenue.

From Radlett and Battlers Green area

Route 398 is specifically timed for school opening and closing times and after school activities. The route runs journeys throughout the day with extra journeys back in the early evening. Child single and day returns are available as are child weekly tickets. Fares are excellent value.

NEW!! From: Watford (Cassiobury; Leavesden; North Watford; Garston) and Abbots Langley

Routes 346 and 347 cover most of the Watford area north of the school extending as far as Abbots Langley. Single fares range from £1.50 to £2.00. These and weekly tickets are available from the driver. Half term, term and whole school year tickets are available which offer fantastic savings over buying tickets daily from just £2.45 to £3 per day .

Route summary

306 North Borehamwood - Borehamwood Town Centre - Elstree - Bushey Heath (Elstree Road) – Little Bushey – The Avenue (Aldenham Road)- Queens’ School

346 Abbots Langley - Leavesden - Kingswood - Garston - Meriden - Queens’ School

347 Cassiobury - Leavesden - The Harebreaks - North Watford - Bushey Mill Lane - Queens’ School

398 Potters Bar – South Mimms- Borehamwood (Tesco) – North Borehamwood – Radlett- Battlers Green –Queens’ School

823 South Borehamwood – North Borehamwood - Borehamwood (Town Centre) – Elstree – Bushey Heath (Elstree Road, Little Bushey Lane) –Chiltern Avenue – Reddings Avenue- Little Bushey - Queens’ School

833 South Oxhey (Hayling Road, Sandy Lane, By the Woods, Prestwick Road) – Carpenders Park Station - Brookdene Avenue – Eastbury Road - Bushey Arches- Aldenham Road – Queens’ School







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