Chancellors School

Chancellors School


We have provided services to the school for many years. Primarily focused on Potters Bar we also connect the school with South Mimms and Borehamwood. 

September 2017 Update

There will continue to be two buses to and from the school mornings and afternoons. One journey will run from Borehamwood via Clare Hall, South Mimms Village, Mutton Lane, Potter Bar Statin via Church Road, Little Heath and the other will start at Mutton Lane (Tescos) and then via the High Street, Hatfield Road and Little Heath.             Both buses are numbered 398 and serve all us stops along the route not just those listed in the timetable.


Single fares to the school will increase slightly to £1.90.  Weekly Season ticket prices will still be £15. However, half term; term and the whole year season tickets give even better value. For example, the whole school year ticket at £420 is still cheaper than it was in 2012/13. At just £2.22 per day it only costs 32p per day extra to travel both ways rather than just use the bus in the mornings or afternoons. Half term and term ticket prices continue to reflect the number of days in each term.


398  Borehamwood(Tesco) - Potters Bar (Cranborne Rd- Mutton Lane- Station- Church Road) or Station- Mutton Lane - High Street) – Little Heath.

The afternoon journey to Borehamwood also serves North Borehamwood, Organ Hall, Radlett, Battlers Green and Watford.