Sullivan Buses have been providing school buses for many years. 

For us routes providing services to schools require a different approach. For a start such services have several customers- the passengers (pupils); parents and the school themselves. We value the relationships we have built up with the schools and work closely with them to make sure our services continue to meet their needs.  If any issues arise we ensure the schools are informed and we work with them to get matters resolved as quickly as possible.   We recognize that it is you, the parents,  who pay the fares and, rightly, have the expectation that you can rely on us to get your child safely to and from school. We aim to keep parents fully informed about our services and provide a safe and secure travelling environment for your children. Our drivers of dedicated school bus services included on this site are required to undergo CRB checks providing added assurance.

We also include school buses in our professional driver training. Many of our services go right into the school grounds providing added security.  Finally we recognize our responsibilities when carrying children to and from school. Our services are deliberately designed to pick up and drop off children as close as possible to their homes. In return we expect certain standards of behaviour from the children and will work closely with the school to ensure this is maintained.


Our services are renowned for their reliability. Additionally, unlike conventional bus serves,  our services  primarily dedicated to schools will be varied as necessary to suit school opening and closing times (does not apply to our regular all day routes 306 and 398).


We try and keep our school bus fares as low as possible and we have not raised fares this year.  This is due to the support we have received from all of you. You can help us keep our fares low by continuing this support throughout 2016-17 and ideally buying an annual ticket from us. This gives us certainty about the numbers travelling and saves you a considerable amount of money and time. For many even greater savings can be made as our season tickets are valid on our parallel bus services at weekends and school holidays as well.  

 We are always looking at ways to improve our services and if you have comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing your child on our services.